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The Session
In order to understand you and your family’s chance of a genetic condition, I will need to ask questions regarding you and your family’s medical history. If you’ve already had genetic testing, I will need to see a copy of the test results.

Session typically last an hour and include some or all of the following:

Family History Analysis

Explanation of inheritance

Personalized risk assessment

Genetic Test Counseling

Test Result Counseling

Resources available

Occasionally follow up personal or family sessions are advised.

Sessions can be conducted in person if convenient or via telephone if travel is not possible, or if you are located outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Family members are encouraged to also attend the session or join by telephone conference.

I am available to co-counsel with your therapist, psychoanalyst or psychiatrist.
If you would like a second opinion on your genetic test results, it would be helpful to have the original assessment.

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